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title-less [Nov. 1st, 2004|08:27 pm]
Pomes All Sizes

This is probably why I attempt to stay far, far away from rhyming. But it popped into my head while in the shower and I apparently have ignored my non-sharing filter. So, here it is.

it was the winter of our malcontent
you were the source of much resentment
yet I wonder if I could have loved you
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combustible [Sep. 11th, 2004|06:00 pm]
Pomes All Sizes

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

NM - on the fly

having inappropriate thoughts
at an inappropriate time
my movement
is my tripwire

you're the mistake
I never made
and I think
I might
regret it
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rinse cycle [Sep. 8th, 2004|01:40 am]
Pomes All Sizes

[mood |mellowmellow]

rinse cycle
NM - a few minutes ago

i slipped you on
like my not-so-favorite
pair of jeans
treated you
like you'd do
until you didn't
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Click and Mate [Sep. 2nd, 2004|09:04 pm]
Pomes All Sizes
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |The Pillows - Stalker]

Click and Mate
B.G, Circa Spring

a slow
friday night
at home,
decided to
enjoy the
quiet of
my own
and avoid
the real world
idle chatter
and rambling
of friends
and strangers

in my room
the rain batters
the windows
battling to be
heard over
a record of
crooning some
song about
his fat lover

It's ten o'clock
when I turn my
computer on
and hit up a popular
search engine
fingers pressing
keys and forming
random words
some sort of
stream of thought
web adventure

anarchy, free
music, text
archives, downloads
free passwords,

and maybe I'm just
a little horny,
or maybe i'm just
a bit bored,
but I decide to look
for something like
kink or sex
or love

porn galleries,
lingerie, upskirt,
punk chicks, goth
chicks, romance,
dating, love,
hardcore sex,
online personals

some sites appear,
and i marvel at
how far we've
click and mate,
date, procreate,
spread your legs
your seed, your
self thin across
phonewires and
optic fibres
looking for someone
to scratch whatever
itch you have

Casualkiss, ravematch,
friendfinder, bondagefreaks,
a site for each taste,
each state, each place
love for sale, for free,
this instant, anywhere,
everywhere, just log on,
log in, browse the catalogue,
send a message,
for best results, i'm told,
scan your picture,
or several,
and post a profile

(keep in mind who you
want to attract, or
fuck, or marry, since different
people will react
differently to different things.

If in doubt, I recommend
you don't send them a picture
of your penis, flaccid or erect,
unless they specifically ask
to see it. This is good etiquette
that some men seem to forget.
For women, you have much more leeway
as most men will not mind seeing you

And it's ridiculous
how popular
these sites are, how
many people are on them,
tens of thousands,
hundreds of thousands
and i sit
in my room
next time i go for
a walk or take the bus
or ride the metro,
the people
next to me might have
a profile on some site
somewhere looking
for someone
because they'd
never thought to
look around them
and now
i find myself
among them
and i'm not
sure how
i like that

soon ten pm
becomes three am
and i've set
a date with a
girl from Ontario
who just moved to

maybe progress
isn't such a bad

i turn the computer
off, and dim the lights
stretched across my bed
i look out the window
and wonder if my
friends had a
goodtime tonight
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Man in pieces [Aug. 30th, 2004|11:18 pm]
Pomes All Sizes
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |Of Montreal - Lysergic Bliss]

Man In Pieces
BG, Summer 2004

At the back of the
room his 50 inch plasma
screen is screaming with
colors, pulsing to
the rhythms of
breakbeat musicians,
his eyes are bloodshot,
dulled out, like there's
nothing behind them,
his girlfriend slams the
door and marches off,
and he looks at
me and can't believe
it, what a bitch he tells
me, what a fucking bitch,
he can't believe it,
his hands twitch a little
and he's holding his
anger in, or trying to,
he just wants to leave
this place, go somewhere
else, fuck someone else,
anyone but her,
and he can't understand it,
why she's so possessive,
and why everything has to be
so complicated, and he
laughs and says she'll
calm down, as if he's
an ocean of fucking
we both hear her stomping
outside, and it becomes
obvious that she's heading
back to his room, and
I'm thinking I better get going
but it's too late,
the door swings open,
and she starts screaming at
him, and he starts screaming
back and I'm thinking
it'd be nice if they'd at least
wait till I leave, but they
want me to be a witness
to their drama, each one
expecting me to take their
side, as if either one of them
was right, like anyone has
ever been right in love,
like love can tolerate
logic or justice or sanity
and i'm thinking
i'd like to leave
when she throws
an ashtray, it misses him
and hits the wall instead,
he lunges after her,
his arms around her neck,
I grab his waist and
pull him off, and kick her
out of the room,
I look at him, his eyes
are puffy, red, unreal
and he's trembling,
shaking, like he's falling
apart right before my eyes
and he tells me it's her
fault, it's all her fault
it's always her, her, her
I throw him his jacket
and tell him to shut up
and walk it off
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Corner Coffeeshop [Aug. 20th, 2004|02:50 pm]
Pomes All Sizes
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Depeche Mode - Dream On]

Written last spring,

He's a corner
stonegaze loner
looking at
a blondhaired
thirty years
he's drinking
it black straight
looking at
across the
his gaze solid
never waivers
he takes a sip
of his coffee
as she gets up
and heads toward
the door
he looks at her
as she walks by
their eyes lock
and he grins,
lifts his
hand slightly so

'miss, you look
like someone I...'

'...like someone I
would like to meet.'

she let's out a slight
giggle while he pitches
his sales line
so refined that she
doesn't notice she's
buying something
carefully tested
a precise
scientific formula
FDA approved
and now attraction
is no longer
a matter of haphazard
naivety but a scientific
process bought and sold
over the internet like
only so much cattle
and she smiles at him
and writes down her
phone number on a
a napkin taken
from the table
next to them
and they've set
a date for next
tuesday afternoon
he thanks science,
and she thanks her luck
for meeting such a
charming stranger
at this corner
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